St Therese Novena

St Therese Novena Prayer

what is hell like

St Therese the Little Flower,

please send us a rose from the Heavenly garden,

with a message of love.

Ask God to grant us the favour we implore

and help us to love him

more and more


(Then ask God for the gift or grace you desire)

Within nine days or sooner after someone will send or give you a rose. One time I prayed this prayer someone gave me a bunch of roses AND a copy of St Therese’s autobiography-just in case I thought it was a coincidece. The person didn’t know I was saying the Novena or indeed about the Novena!

The 24 Glory Be’s of St Teresa

Another powerful devotion used by St Teresa devotees is to pray 24 Glory Be’s to the Holy Trinity for an intention and in St Teresa’s honour, this is powerful prayer of praise to the most Holy Trinity and one that St Therese loves to hear prayed in honour of her short but wonder working life on earth of 24 years. A Glory Be for every year of her life-how marvellous! You can order prayer beads for this on Amazon by the way.

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