St Therese Novena

St Therese Novena Prayer

St Therese the Little Flower,

please send us a rose from the Heavenly garden,

with a message of love.

Ask God to grant us the favour we implore

and help us to love him more and more


(Ask God for the gift or grace you desire)

Within nine days or sooner after someone should give you a rose which is St Therese saying she has heard your prayer!

One time I prayed this prayer someone gave me a bunch of roses AND a copy of St Therese’s autobiography-just in case I thought it was a coincidence! The person didn’t know I was saying the Novena or indeed about the Novena, they just said they felt called to give me flowers and their copy of St Therese’s Book!

The 24 Glory Be’s of Novena of St Therese

Another powerful devotion used by St Therese devotees is to pray 24 Glory Be’s to the Holy Trinity for an intention and in St Teresa’s honour, this is powerful prayer of praise to the most Holy Trinity and one that St Therese loves to hear prayed in honour of her short but wonder working life on earth of 24 years. A Glory Be for every year of her life-how marvellous! You can order prayer beads for this on Amazon by the way and they are really useful.


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Patron Saints

Patron saints help us in particular areas of our lives. For example, St Anthony is the saint you call on when you have lost something. Sts Rita and Jude are the saints of the impossible, St Therese is for healing, St Christopher is helps drivers and travellers. St Dymphna is for mental illness and anxiety and St Barbara oversees lightning and thunderstorms. 

The list of our human ‘needs’ is as endless as the list of saints we pray to (though Jesus is our one mediator with the Father, the saints are our older brothers and sisters in Christ who ‘know the way’ and have ‘made’ it into Heaven and they want to help us get there too).

The saints in fact, are so full of God’s love in Heaven, (as they were, heroically,  when they lived on earth) that they wish for nothing more than to help us and to share their merits and reward with us. 

St Joseph, the loving foster father of Jesus, knows how hard life can be to earn a living everyday.He knows what it is to raise a family albeit that his foster son was Divine. However, Jesus still needed somewhere to live and bread on the table. So, because St Joseph denied nothing to the Christ child, Jesus reigning in Heaven will hardly deny St Joseph’s prayers now.

Saint Joseph was also blessed to be married to the holiest, most virtous, not to mention the most beautiful woman that ever existed. He was privileged to have a harmonious and chaste marriage and home life having the joys of a blessed marriage (though celibate as Mary and Joseph had both taken vows of celibacy before their marriage). Indeed many single people also have recourse to St Joseph to find a suitable spouse because a mistake in this area is usually a large one.

So, here’s a ‘miracle’ prayer that takes less than 12 minutes of your life-3 minutes for each of the 4 meditations .

PS I like to say “I praise you Jesus for Saint Joseph’s ….” at each of the four meditation points…

Christmas-Come, Let Us Adore Him, Christ the Lord!

Have you ever wondered what the ‘hush’ of the first Christmas was like?

In the middle of the hustle and bustle of this Christmas season we need to take time out to silence our busy souls to listen to the sweet and still voice of a small child that came from Heaven to show us the way to the truth and to real life.

The small child that came in poverty and humility to make us rich and to help us to share in his greatness and sovereignty over all.

The child of love, Love personified.

The child we are so privileged to meet face to face in the Holy Eucharist and in the breaking of the bread of Holy Scripture.

This is the child from Heaven for whom the manna from Heaven was only a pre figurement.

Did you know, according to St Thomas Aquinas that Jesus is substantially present in only two places in the Universe?

In Heaven and in the Eucharistic Hosts in all the Tabernacles throughout the world!

Just as the breath of the ox and the ass kept the child warm on that chilly night of his birth may our visits to His Tabernacles and Eucharistic monstrances keep the Christ child warm in this winter of discontent and lack of love which seems to be spreading like a virus and even deep into some Parishes.

Let us pray for the grace to make reparation for the coldness and indifference of men.

As Catholics we have this treasure of treasures in our midst, the pearl in the field. A pearl worth selling all we have to possess.

“Come, let us adore him, Christ the Lord” Come let us go to the manger at Bethlehem ‘bread’ for He alone is our source of heavenly food, our heavenly manna from Heaven.

We remember the words of St Therese this Christmas:

“Do you realise that Jesus is there in the tabernacle expressly for you, for you alone?”

Yes, he awaits us day and night. We have a ‘vip visitors pass’ at each hour to go and visit the Lord of lords and the sun of Divine Justice.

I wish all readers a very happy and holy Christmas and New Year.

what is hell

“Deep peace of the Son of peace to you”

PS Here’s a beautiful carol. The words hark back to the 1800’s and the music is circa 1500’s.  The beautiful lyrics are beneath the the video. The singer is Mitch Fewell. Enjoy!

What Child is This? Greensleeves Lyrics

What child is this who laid to rest

On Mary’s lap is sleeping?

Whom angels greet with anthems sweet

While shepherds watch are keeping.

This, this is Christ the King

Whom shepherds guard and angels sing

Haste, haste to bring him laud

The babe, the son of Mary

Why lies he in such mean estate

Where ox and ass are feeding?

Good Christian fear, for sinners here

The silent word is pleading

Nails, spear shall pierce him through

The cross be borne for me, for you

Hail, hail the Word made flesh

The babe, the son of Mary

Then bring him incense, gold and myrrh

Come peasant, king to own him

The King of kings salvation brings

Let loving hearts enthrone him

Raise, raise the song on high

The virgin sings her lullaby

Joy, joy, for Christ is born

The babe, the son of Mary


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