Marino Restrepo-Catholic Conversion Story

marino restrepoThe St Paul of our Century?

Never before, since reading Scott Hahn’s conversion story, have I been so touched or a story has left such an impression on me… I recommend it heartily!

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Never before, since reading Scott Hahn’s conversion story,¬† have I been so touched or a story has left such an impression on me… I recommend it heartily!

Why Is This So?

Amongst other things, whenever I hear Marino speak (there are lots of FREE videos on You Tube) and also when I go to Marino retreats in person, I am very blessed indeed.

Standing next to Marino, you can feel the peace and love for God’s children in his heart, it is worth coming just for that (how uncommon this is these days).

Marino, through God’s supreme grace, is an eloquent and prophetic preacher calling all Christians and Catholics to wake up from our sleep of lack of love and lethargy and to walk in a new and disciplined Christian discipleship.

Instead of thinking constantly of what the Lord can do for us, we start saying, yes, Lord, I’m your soldier what can I do for you? What can I do for souls?

Hailed as the new St Paul of this new Century, Marino Restrepo has been travelling globally for over ten years and has produced many powerful and inspiring  DVDs, CDs and books.

His first Book,¬† “From Darkness to Light” talks in detail about Marino’s conversion and brings home the truth of the Christian faith in an uncomprising manner, some would say, in an ‘old fashioned’ manner-how sorely we are in need of God’s Word these days.

“Joy is a net of love by which we catch souls, Mother Teresa”

Why Marino Restrepo?

Marino was born in Colombia and left the Christian faith at the age of 14 embracing many New Age and pagan philosophies. He categorically rejected any existence of hell and satan and for him, God was merely a cosmic life energy ‘force’.

Then suddenly all that changed, Marino was kidnapped by Colombian terrorists and during his captivity in brutal circumstances he underwent a near death and profound conversion experience.

But for the grace of God Marino would have ended up in hell for all eternity but instead he was given a treasure trove of infused knowledge from Jesus and his blessed Mother and many mysteries of the Kingdom of God were revealed to him.

Tirelessly, Marino travels the world and has set up a lay missionary association called “The Pilgrims of Love” to spread and to live the messages which are none other than a concrete and practical living out of the true and full Gospel message.

Marino does not water down the truths of the Gospel to ‘tickle the ears’ of his listeners.

More Information

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Your spirit will testify inside as you hear Marino speak that here is a man who has seen and lived these realities in his life, who indeed went to hell and back! Marino is a voice of God in the desert of this spiritually undernourished world!

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Click Here To Read Marino’s Conversion Story


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Marino-The Lord’s Voicebox

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