Change your life in 12 Minutes?

Patron Saints

Patron saints help us in particular areas of our lives. For example, St Anthony is the saint you call on when you have lost something. Sts Rita and Jude are the saints of the impossible, St Therese is for healing, St Christopher is helps drivers and travellers. St Dymphna is for mental illness and anxiety and St Barbara oversees lightning and thunderstorms. 

The list of our human ‘needs’ is as endless as the list of saints we pray to (though Jesus is our one mediator with the Father, the saints are our older brothers and sisters in Christ who ‘know the way’ and have ‘made’ it into Heaven and they want to help us get there too).

The saints in fact, are so full of God’s love in Heaven, (as they were, heroically,  when they lived on earth) that they wish for nothing more than to help us and to share their merits and reward with us. 

St Joseph, the loving foster father of Jesus, knows how hard life can be to earn a living everyday.He knows what it is to raise a family albeit that his foster son was Divine. However, Jesus still needed somewhere to live and bread on the table. So, because St Joseph denied nothing to the Christ child, Jesus reigning in Heaven will hardly deny St Joseph’s prayers now.

Saint Joseph was also blessed to be married to the holiest, most virtous, not to mention the most beautiful woman that ever existed. He was privileged to have a harmonious and chaste marriage and home life having the joys of a blessed marriage (though celibate as Mary and Joseph had both taken vows of celibacy before their marriage). Indeed many single people also have recourse to St Joseph to find a suitable spouse because a mistake in this area is usually a large one.

So, here’s a ‘miracle’ prayer that takes less than 12 minutes of your life-3 minutes for each of the 4 meditations .

PS I like to say “I praise you Jesus for Saint Joseph’s ….” at each of the four meditation points…

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