Powerful Prayer of Sorrow for Sin

offering prayer

In addition to the beautiful and movingĀ  Life offering prayer that Our Lady gave to Sr Natalia, a Hungarian nun in the 1950’s via messages called “The Victorious Queen of the World” which is a moving and powerful spiritual book about the times we are living in now.

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Act of sorrow for our sins given by Mary to Sr Natalia

The actual Life Offering prayer which Mary gave to Sr Natalia has five marvellous promises attached to it. It is truly sent as a blessing from Heaven from where ‘all good things come’. My own father offered this prayer the day before he died and he had a most peaceful and holy death albeit from cancer which had taken away his ability to breath.

Mary is a our spiritual mother.

As Jesus came to the earth through Mary we are to go in God’s plan to Jesus through Mary.

God’s way is always the most perfect and the most direct.

Mary shares in a special way as his mother in Jesus’ one mediation with the Father in Heaven just as we share in it through our sacramental lives and prayers.

Attached to the life offering is a beautiful and touching prayer given by Mary to Sr Natalia.

This prayer doesn’t just give sorrow for our own sins but also for the sins of the world. Mary told the three little children at Fatima as she showed them hell; “Many souls go to hell because there is no one to pray and makes sacrifices for them.”

These words should be burned on our hearts and minds lest we forget them.

The following act of sorrow therefore draws down many graces and mercy onto sinners, which we all are in some measure since the Fall.

Act of Sorrow

O my Jesus, I love you over and above everything! For the love of you I am sorry for all my sins. O merciful love, I ask pardon for the sins of the world.

United with the Immaculate Heart of our Heavenly Mother, I ask pardon for all my sins and for all the sins of my brothers and sisters that have been and will be committed until the end of the world.

My dear Jesus, united with your Holy Wounds I offer my life to the Eternal Father according to the intention of the Sorrowful Mother.

Virgin Mary, Queen of the world, Mediatrix of humanity, our only refuge and hope, pray for us!” Amen

offering prayer

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