Pope Benedict The Sixteenth-Letter To Catholics On Sex Abuse Scandals

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Sexual Abuse In The Church

In March this year, on the Feast of St Joseph, Patron of the Universal Church, Pope Benedict the Sixteenth published a Pastoral Letter to the Catholics of Ireland in which he apologises and sympathises with his flock about the sex abuse scandals that have rocked the Church both in Ireland and globally.

Pope Benedict’s pastoral letter is one full of love for the victims whose first priority it is to find healing and peace and for the Church as a whole. This letter often ignored brings tears to the eyes (in a good way) when read all the way through. It’s a pastoral letter rich in humility and compassion.

If only the enemies of the Pope could stop in their rantings and read this letter they would be better informed in their ‘attacks’ and calls for ‘justice’.

I have reproduced the majority of the text here on this blog

what is hell
Pope Benedict The Sixteenth


It’s well worth taking the time to read this pastoral letter whether you are Irish or not. It touches the heart and helps one understand more about what happened and what is happening now.

So, here’s the link again to, Pope Benedict the sixteenth and his reply to the sex abuse scandals in the Catholic Church.

PS The full text can be found here on the Vatican’s website.

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