Is the world overpopulated?

what is hell like
Overpopulation of the globe or just a myth?

There’s a lot of confusion about over population and the world’s resources running out in recent years.

I came across this site which is well worth a look.

There are 6.5 billion people in the world today and if we put them all into one place and gave them a four bedroomed house EACH guess what? We’d only fill up the State of Alaska which is pretty empty anyway?

Where’s the lack of room and resources there? In fact the whole world could fit into just one US State!

Visit to find out why

  • anyone of the four largest countries–after Russia–China, USA, Canada, and Brazil
    provide more than 16,000 square feet per person. In USA, it would be 16,502
    square feet of land for each of the 6.5 billion world inhabitants
    if all moved to the
    NEARLY 100 Trillion square feet of land in the United States of
    America, excluding the
    US Territories.
  • Food for thought isn’t it!

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