Hell is often a topic we don’t really wish to think about.what is hell like

In 1917 when Our Lady appeared at Fatima to the three children she said poignantly:

“Many souls go to hell because there is no one to pray and sacrifice for them”

She was being serious and for me they are the sadness words I have ever heard.

The following video, by Bill Weise, a Christian, explains his own experience of hell.

23 minutes in hell

Half way through this video there is a ‘video’ of hell and for me, this is the best and most thought provoking, bring you to your knees, image of hell I have ever seen. The person who made that clip must have seen it with their own eyes I am sure.

Here’s the link to Bill Weise’s video.

At the end Bill speaks about salvation re his theological background which isn’t fully in accordance with Catholic teaching-just a note of caution so listen with discernment. This video shouldn’t be ignored because of the bit at the end I believe it’s too important to ignore.

Here’s the link again to Bill Weise’s

23 minutes in hell


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