The Little Child and I-Poem

The following beautiful poem was given to me by a very holy and humble nun who has sinced passed away to her eternal reward. I dedicate this post to Mother Marie Claire and I pray for St Joseph’s guidance for all who read it:
“We walked through the field of wheat-
a little Child and I.
His face was as fair as the dawn,
his eyes as bright as the sky.
O’er hillside and valley we went,
through blossom strewn
meadow and glade.
He held my hand
as I told him the names
of all the flowers he made.
We worked at the carpenter’s bench-
a beautiful Child and I.
The air was still as the star light,
and the Mother of Grace was nigh.
The burden of labour and toil
were sweet, though hard was my trade,
for I taught the heavenly Child to use
the tools which he had made.
We gathered for even tide prayer-
a Child, the Mother and I.
The only sound was the vesper song
of the birds that were flying by.
We gazed at the sinking sun
as the light began to fade
and saw a flame from 
the heart of the Child
by whose power all things were made”

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