St. Joseph-Wonder Worker of the Church: St Joseph ‘saves’ Two Desperate Monks

St. Joseph-Wonder Worker of the Church: St Joseph ‘saves’ Two Desperate


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St Joseph miracle prayer

Here’s the story of the devotion to St Joseph’s seven joys and the miracle prayer to St Joseph.

Many years ago, two Franciscan friars found themselves shipwrecked during an ocean voyage. By clinging to a plank of wood they kept their heads just above water as the storm continued.

Both monks had a devotion to St Joseph, the spouse of Mary, and they sought his help from Heaven in their desperate plight calling out and praying to him.

After a little while the storm died down and the men saw a radiant shining figure just ahead of them standing on the water.

The figure greeted them and guided themĀ  miraculously to the shore so that when they got to land the two monks threw themselves at the feet of the stranger to thank him for helping them.

At this point the visitor told them;

‘I am Joseph, if you wish to do something pleasing to me, never let a day pass without saying the Our Father and the Hail Mary seven times in honour of the seven joys that consoled me whilst I was on earth in the company of Jesus and Mary.’

The visitor then vanished leaving the monks in awe and wonder.

Since St Joseph himself has declared how pleasing these prayers are too him it is an excellent way of honouring him and also of gaining his help and protection. Jesus is our one true mediator but Jesus wills that we share in his Ministry and who better than his beloved foster father, St Joseph and his Holy Mother Mary to intercede for us.

St Joseph more than any other Saint in Heaven (apart from Mary) has a special bond with Jesus’ Heart and access to the Divine ear so to speak!

For the miracle prayer honouring St Joseph’s seven joys, click here You can use this prayer for anything, marriage difficulties, exams, illness, house sales etc. It really is very powerful when used to implore Joseph’s aid. Remember as on earth as Jesus’ foster father so too it is in Heaven. There is no limit to St Joseph’s generosity and intercession and he is a great Patron Saint to have!

For the miracle prayer to honour St Joseph’s seven joys click here.

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