St Joseph the Wonder Worker of the Church

With St Joseph the Wonder Worker, his influence with his Son in Heaven is not limited to a few things, he seems to be the patron of many things, in fact St Joseph has many roles in the Church.
Among his many ‘roles’ in Heaven, to intercede for us and help us here on earth, St Joseph is patron saint of carpenters, workers, builders, fathers, foster fathers, marriages, families, social justice, of buying and selling houses, finding good marriage partners and also he is patron of the whole universal Church on earth, all churches, convents and monasteries. 
It is quite a task but he is well equipped with all the graces of God at his disposal. He has friends in high places and one no higher than our one mediator with the Father, Jesus Christ.
From Mary’s hands come all the graces we need as God uses Mary as the channel to bring his grace to earth just as God used Mary to bring to earth His Word made flesh. 
Further, many commentators on the life of perfection have remarked that to have a solid devotion to the great St Joseph is a ‘good’ sign that one is on the way to Heaven. The two devotions to both St Joseph and Mary are a powerhouse of devotion for good and grace in our lives. 
I strongly advise praying the St Joseph miracle prayer (as a novena for nine days if you have a special intention) and try for yourself his powerful intercession and help. 
I am sure St Joseph loves to hear God’s children pray to him for help as we are all God’s ‘adopted sons’ in Christ, his foster son. St Joseph’s great obedience to God’s will whilst on earth has made him such a great saint in Heaven.

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