St Joseph and Marriage

As well as being a patron of fathers, St Joseph is patron of marriages and families too. This is very 
useful in our day and age as many marriages need all the help they can get!
Marriage is attacked in many countries. 
Adultery is becoming more and more justified in our Western cultures. Egotism is also contributing to 
the selfishness which makes a spouse stray or ignore the spouses' needs.

Heavenly warriors are needed in the fight against this spiritual conflict of sin and selfishness.

A great warrior is the powerful St Joseph! A silent, humble yet courageous Saint who protected Mary and the Christ child from the rage, anger and jealousy of Herod and who never let them down!

As marriage is the source of many blessings and is in fact, the ‘domestic church’ on earth it is, sadly, the target for many attacks.  It is a great blessing and a proof of sanctity for a man and woman to live in love and to raise their children well in today’s society.

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