How to Obtain Mary’s Help!

There’s a simple way to obtain Mary’s powerful help.

Mary’s intercession with God is all powerful in Heaven. On earth, Mary always did the Will of God with the utmost love and faithfulness and, at every moment: she never sinned.

Because of this, Mary is the advocate par excellence with her Son, Jesus, who is the ‘one mediator’ with the Father. Mary never leads anyone away from her Son-she leads us to Jesus on a deeper level. We cannot underestimate the power of Mary to help us in all our spiritual and temporal (wordly) needs of which we have many, known and unknown to us.

Here is the simple method I use especially when you are worried about things. The method is surprisingly simple yet very powerful:

A letter to Mary Our Mother when distressed or worried about things in life- Mary will help with the problem or give you peace about it and strength to carry it

Dear Mary, my Mother,

You have always helped me in the past and I thank You.Please may I give you the following things I am worried about. You can work out things a 1000 times better than I ever could or can.

Now list what is bothering you in detail-write it all out-get it all off your chest-the worries and the associated fears!

If it helps, you can number your problems, needs and worries i.e. Problem 1, Problem 2, Problem 3 etc.

End your letter with something like…

Mary, I give You everything, known and unknown and my future and the future of …..Please undo all the knots that we are in and grant us Your peace and strength. As You took care of everything that was needed at the wedding feast of Cana, please take care of my needs.

Take each one of these sufferings and unite them to Your sufferings on earth in penance for sins and to take out some of the swords that pierce Your Immaculate Heart becuase of the ingratitude and sins of men.

Mary, if these worries that I have given You today come back again, I will say, “NO, Mary is in charge of all that now, I will hurt Mary’s feelings if I worry about them again”. I will refuse to take the worries back out of your hands and hurt You Mary.

I will keep saying ‘Mary is in charge of everything, I will hurt Mary if I worry’.

Mary, send Your holy angels to help me and whoever will help me on earth. Amen

Note-it may help to put the letter in an envelope and ‘give’ it to your Guardian Angel to present it to Mary. I put the letter under a blessed picture or statue of Mary for safe keeping.

It is fascinating to find the letter some time later and realise how many problems have been resolved or that simply melted away!

Try this simple formula, it works and it’s a lot more powerful than sitting brooding on difficulties and getting nowhere fast!

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