How to Obtain Mary’s Help!

There’s a way to obtain Mary’s powerful help and outline all your needs to her, She is the mother of Jesus, the Mother of God and Mother of the Church. 

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Mary the mother of Jesus

Her intercession with God is all powerful in Heaven as it was on earth for Mary always did the Will of God with the utmost love and faithfulness.

Mary is the advocate par excellece with her Son, the ‘one mediator’ with the Father. Mary does not take us away from her Son but she leads us to him on  a deeper and more spiritual level. We cannot underestimate the power of Mary to help us in all our spiritual and temporal (wordly) needs of which we have many, known and unknown to us.

Here is the simple method I started to use as a child and which still helps me today when I have needs or am feeling troubled about something. Feel free to share this method with others, it is surprisingly simple yet very powerful:

A letter to Mary Our Mother when distressed or worried

about things in life- within a short time Mary resolves

the problems or gives you peace about the problems and strength to carry them


Dear Mary, my Mother,


I believe Mary that you’re all powerful with the heart of God because you never refused God anything and you were born sinless and never sinned.


You are the Seat of Wisdom, the Mother of Jesus who is wisdom in person, the Word of God made flesh. Therefore Mary if I put You in complete charge of something you will work it out a thousand times BETTER than I could or even hope for.


So I’m writing this letter to you today to give You Mary all my problems and worries to you, every single one of them and every single bit of them I want You to be in complete charge of them and what happens in regard to them.


Please could You fix them, undo the knots I or others have got ourselves into or else give me peace about them and strength to cope.


Whatever happens, I know as the best of mothers you will do what’s best for me and those I love.


May each one of these sufferings and worries Mary be also offered to You as a penance and a sacrifice if God still permits me to carry them to take some of the swords of suffering from Your Immaculate Heart and out of Jesus’ Heart.


I am sorry for my past ingratitude and for all my sins because they have hurt Jesus so much and You also. I offer you all my sufferings as sacrifices to ease Your sorrows and to save souls in reparation for the sins of my life, the sins in my family and in the whole world.


{Then, write ALL your problems, needs and worries down in as much detail as you can.

Mary knows what you need but the more detailed you can be the better it helps you to hand it all over to Mary. You will be more convinced that it’s in Mary’s hands.

If it helps, you can number your problems, needs and worries i.e. Problem 1, Problem 2, Problem 3 etc.

The end of your letter would go something like this…}

I give all of these to you Mother together with all the unknown things that are troubling me deep down and robbing me of peace, the peace of Your Son Mary.


Ask Jesus, the Prince of Peace to fill me with His love and peace not because I deserve it but because I love Him and need Him more than my life itself.


I believe that as you noticed and took care of everything so well at the wedding feast of Cana so that the couple weren’t embarrassed or distressed so too you will save me from this distress or grant me the grace of acceptance and peace to keep carrying on.


If these worries come back to me again Mary after this letter, I will say to myself “NO, Mary is in charge of that now, I will hurt Mary’s feelings if I worry about that again”.


I won’t take these worries back out of your hands and offend your kindness Mother.  I’ll keep saying ‘Mary is in charge of it all I’ll hurt her if I worry’.


Mother, as you are Queen of the Angels and Saints please send whoever you can down to me and into these problems and relationships (or illnesses). Send your angels of peace, healing and reconciliation.


Thankyou Mother for praying for us and for all your help and goodness to us.




(If you wish you can put the letter in an envelope and give it to your Guardian Angel to present it in person to Mary. Put the letter under a blessed picture or statue of Mary if you can or inside a photo frame of Mary for safe keeping-you can take the letter out from time to time to check you have given the problem to Mary if doubts come.

You’ll be surprised weeks or months later when you re read the letter to see many of the problems have simply disappeared or you have forgotten about them or feel a peace and acceptance!)

Try this simple formula, it works and it’s a lot more powerful than sitting brooding on difficulties and getting nowhere fast!




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