23 Minutes in Hell by Bill Weise

In 1917, when Our Lady appeared at Fatima to the three children she said poignantly:

“Many souls go to hell because there is no one to pray and sacrifice for them”. These are the saddest words you will ever hear!

Bill Weise, a Christian, explains his own experience of hell in the video

23 minutes in hell

Half way through this video there is a ‘video’ of hell and for me, this is the most thought provoking, bring you to your knees, images of hell I have ever seen. The person who made that clip must have seen hell with their own eyes.

At the end Bill speaks about salvation re his theological background which isn’t fully in accordance with Catholic teaching-just a note of caution so listen with discernment. This video shouldn’t be ignored because of the bit at the end I believe it’s too important to ignore.

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