photo of me lot smallerHi,  I’m G Rose, author, webmaster, teacher and catechist.

This Site is dedicated to the storehouse of wisdom on earth, otherwise known as Christ’s Bride, the Catholic Church.

She is the spiritual mother of all Christians, spotless but comprised of sinners, the Catholic Church can never be exhausted for her treasure troves of knowledge and of graces and merits.

We, in the Church militant, are involved in a daily battle for souls relying on the Lord’s victory, power and grace. As for those who may have fallen in battle (and we all have) especially those in leadership roles, we should, as Marino Restrepo says, be on our knees praying for them instead of criticising them. If we had prayed and sacrificed more the Church would be far healthier-mea culpa…

The Holy Spirit convicts of sin and wrong doing not us.


I find it helpful to recall St Therese’s great words:

“The power of prayer is tremendous.”

and also:

“He does much in the sight of God who does his best, be it ever so little” (St Peter of Alcantara)

This Site is a little venture for God but I aim to do my best. Please let me know of any improvements or ideas you may have. May God bless everyone who visits this Site.

In Christ, through Mary,


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